From the Robin Wood Tarot

Both of these cards relate to vision, and so the theme which has been running pretty consistently for months continues.

The magical 7 Cups reminds me that my inner dreams and imagination can be used creatively and constructively to forge a realistic and satisfying path. It’s up to me to put in the effort to make my dreams come true.

But the 7 Cups also carries a warning against getting lost in fantasy and illusion. And today I drew this pretty card in its reversed aspect. And then pulled from the Essences pack a highly appropriate remedy.

Silver Princess offers clarity to identify your Life’s Purpose and your true path. A very good choice for anyone struggling to negotiate the dangerous waters of their dreams.

These cards were in play when I was called this week, several weeks early, to take up the receptionist position in the Circumlocution Minister’s office.

I’m covering a maternity leave which has begun a bit sooner than expected because babies don’t always stick entirely to schedule. Happy to report that mum and baby are doing very well.

As I settle in to the comfy chair in the nicely carpeted office, the only clarity the move has provided is to highlight that I’m on a path, true or otherwise I don’t trust myself to know.

The forthcoming trip to Hong Kong for my father’s wake strikes me as a more important milestone and is, understandably, dominating my thoughts. The 7 Cups and Silver Princess urge me to vigilance against colouring the dead and the past to suit the hues of the present.

If I can look with honest eyes at Yesterday I believe I can bring home something useful for Today.

So here is my mantra for the 7 Cups and Silver Princess – With eyes open I stand on the brink, ready to embrace my destiny.