I was very pleased to be given an opportunity to review Tokens of Light, a divination tool based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Tokens of Light was developed by Orna Ben-Shoshan and published by Kaballah Insights. I was provided with a review set of the tokens and have no financial or other interest or connection with Orna or Kaballah Insights.

Courtesy of Orna Ben-Shoshan

Although I’m aware from my studies of the very basic concepts of Kaballah, I have no real knowledge of this discipline and so I was starting totally from scratch.

My first impression was very positive. The Tokens of Light arrive in an attractive box of sturdy blue cardboard which should last very well.

Inside the box is a sweet silver drawstring pouch containing the tokens and a comprehensive interpretation booklet.

It needs to be comprehensive because there are 66 tokens, three for each Hebrew letter.

You also receive two extra tokens as amulets to be placed in your purse or somewhere close for protection, balance and fulfillment of wishes.

The tokens themselves have been designed as double sided ‘coins’ made out of strong laminated card.

One side of each token is golden with its number (1-66), the Hebrew letter to which it relates (Alef to Tav), a serial number (I to III) and some keywords to assist with interpretation.

On the other side of the token is an image depicting the message of the coin and reinforcing its meaning. The artwork for each coin is the creation of Orna and a beautiful showcase for her work.

Picture courtesy of Orna Ben-Shoshan

Using the tokens is easy – simply reach into the bag and mix the ‘coins’ while focusing on a specific question before picking one out.

This is pretty much my preferred method of working with the Tarot and so I found it very simple to grasp.

There are also instructions in the booklet for two, three and four coin spreads.

As with other divinatory tools, the strength of the answer depends on the strength of the question.

If you’re looking for a specific answer, ask a specific question. If you seek a general guidance on the energies in play, that’s there too.

Since it’s a new year, I thought I’d enquire how it might pan out for me and I asked a question suggested by the booklet –

In what direction will my affairs develop, and what should I do in order to get the best out of the circumstances?

The coin I drew was Number 32, the Hebrew letter Kaf in its second manifestation – II – with the keywords Pain and Endurance.

According to the booklet, this can be interpreted as lost composure because of pain. Suppressed grief over loss floats to the surface and old pain affects your performance in the present. It can also denote a fear of the financial future and dissatisfaction with your accomplishments to date.

That’s a perfect description of where I’ve come from and, reading on, I find the advice is to let go of the past and follow my karma, without surrendering to debilitating factors.

I’m also reminded of my practical abilities and advised to take full advantage of them. So that’s a way forward.

Picture courtesy of Orna Ben-Shoshan

And finally some encouragement. My resilience is stable and I’ll be around for a long time.

The interpretive suggestions for each aspect of every letter are comprehensive and I have provided only a very brief summary here.

My first instinct was that it would be very daunting to try and learn the energies of each token in the same way I have learned the Tarot which is, as any devotee knows, a life-long endeavour.

I could not imagine a day would come when I would not be relying on the information booklet but in fact the Tokens of Light offers an enriching and fascinating field of study and it is not entirely unfamiliar.

Each of the Hebrew letters is associated with a card from the Major Arcana so there is much that is familiar in this system and anyone with a working knowledge of the Tarot will pick it up very quickly.

The 11th letter, Kaf, is associated with the Wheel of Fortune and, as it is the token I drew for my first, experimental reading, I will use it as my example.

By offering three aspects of the letter Kaf the possibility arises for a more nuanced understanding of the energies associated with it and, by extension, with the Wheel.

The three possible aspects of Kaf according to the Tokens of Light are:

Coin 31: Kaf-I – to absorb and contain

Coin 32: Kaf-II – Pain and endurance

Coin 33: Kaf-III – Honor, money and authority

In the Tarot we deal with dualities in reversed and upright meanings and in learning the Tarot it’s common to struggle with the concept of the reversed meanings and how to interpret them. I know I did (and sometimes still do).

But once I started to get the hang of how to interpret reversed cards in the Tarot I soon realised that it would be more accurate to regard the upright and reversed cards as two extremes of a continuum.

The three aspects of Kaf can therefore be seen as reinforcing the concept of a continuum between the upright and reversed aspects of the Wheel of Fortune.

The wheel turns, our fortunes change, the seasons cycle and spring always follows winter.

By appreciating the connection between the Hebrew Kaf and the Tarot Wheel of Fortune I gained a closer understanding both of their meanings and my own situation.

Yes, I have come through a bleak winter in my life but I start a new year with the promise of spring. I will endure, I will let go of the pain of recent times and I will feel the sun on my face again.

I recommend the Tokens of Light, both as a divinatory system in their own right and also as an enriching adjunct to any serious study of the Tarot.

– Mimi