From the Robin Wood Tarot

Slender Rice Flower is for group harmony and conflict resolution.

On the surface, its energy could best be felt this week in my dealings with some of the callers to the Office of the Minister for Circumlocution.

So many of the calls I fielded during the course of this week boiled down to the vexing question of why can’t we all just get along?

Turning to this week’s Tarot, which I drew in its reversed aspect, and I was forced to re-examine the ‘group’ in group harmony and the conflict between what I want and what I’ve got.

In other words, it led to another vexing question: Is there any emotion more troublesome than happiness?

Upright, the 9 Cups can warn of smugness, over-indulgence or a pursuit of pleasure without regard for consequences.

When cards in their upright aspect are so challenging, I find their reversed meaning difficult to grasp and that’s when I go fossicking for clues.

In this case, I find the ‘ruler’ of the 9 Cups is the Hermit, who leaves the group in search of wisdom and finds peace through solitude.

Stepping back from all the sniping and unhappiness at work into the peace and solitude of my beautiful veranda and I find the lesson, once again, is that tricky one of finding a middle way.

Instead of the risk of taking my joys for granted, or not knowing when to stop, I think my present danger lies in not recognising or appreciating what I have.

My lesson this week, once again, is to find the middle way of balance between the happiness I enjoy in being alone and the happiness I enjoy in being with those I love.

Significantly, at the moment that is my one and only Kate, who keeps me from being alone, and even as I’ve been writing these wise words has been irritating me with her ‘intrusions.’

There’s what I’m talking about, right there, and so I’m back after a break of giving my beautiful daughter the full attention she deserves.

Something else happened this week which was all about choosing whether to be with a loved one or to be alone. Jason called and raised the possibility of another visit in just a few weeks’ time.

My poor foolish heart leapt instinctively at the hope that he’ll come, even at the risk of another year of tears.