From the Robin Wood Tarot

On Wednesday this week I got an email from my dear cousin Janis to say that she had just received her first pay following her well deserved promotion.

Unfortunately, combined with a cut in her family tax allowance, she is better off by a magnificent 32 cents per week.

That’s a very 2 Pentacles kind of financial gain.

This card is all about juggling – jobs, finances, interests, etc. The trick is to keep all your balls (oo-er!) in the air.

Ideally, there’s a sense of fun to it but, eventually, even the best of us get a bit tired.

That’s where Old Man Banksia comes in, to renew enthusiasm for those who are weary or sluggish and feel beaten down by the effort of it all.

Janis saw the funny side but I bet she’s also a bit fed up to see so little reward for all the hard work she’s put in to get that promotion.

The juggling goes on and Old Man Banksia helps us to just keep rolling along.