From the Robin Wood Tarot

Physical fitness and well-being, that’s what this week and these cards have been all about.

Since I started work in the Office of the Minister for Circumlocution and Obfuscation I’ve been swimming regularly before work at the public pool nearby.

My swimming stepped up a gear this week when I was handed a vital piece of information that I can’t quite believe I never figured out for myself.

You breathe OUT underwater.

So, in a very 8 Wands way, I’ve been streaking through the pool with new-found power and purpose.

Out of the pool, I’ve been feeling tired and drained, as my foot and hips have been playing up thanks to the ever-present burden of my ankylosying spondylitis.

Macrocarpa is a remedy for physical tiredness, especially the battered exhaustion brought on by pain.

In all, two highly appropriate cards for a very physical week.