From the Robin Wood Tarot

To be back into regular exercise is having a profound effect on my overall well-being – as I knew it would.

And these two beautiful cards – both referring to balance and harmony – describe the effect pretty well.

On Friday I was on my way to the pool and I thought about how happy I was (and therefore, of course, immediately cried) and then after my swim felt totally at peace.

At the heart of the Lovers is both choice and surrender. The choice I have finally been prepared to make is to accept that things are exactly as they should be and to embrace them.

I surrender to my circumstances and find peace in the pool.

Swimming calls up my animal spirits, both in and out of the water. Tonight as I write, the Great Mare stands quietly by, guiding me gently on. When I was pregnant I thought of myself as a huge horse, and at other times when I’ve just had to push on through my physical limits, I have called on my stolid Sagittarian horse strength. It is a blessing to know her spirit at rest.

She comes to me too in the water and shows me the joy of her strength.

And Penguin comes with her and delights in the physical prowess of pulling effortlessly between Water and Air.

As below, so above. The harmony of the physical act of swimming echoes into the emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid helps us to step back from our daily concerns and appreciate the big picture.

The colour yellow symbolises the intellect and the element of Air. When out of balance we can be critical and judgmental, not just of others but ourselves too.

And here I am, with a whole new view of my body, possible only when I stop nitpicking and comparing it to everything it’s not.

I realise that it is perfect. My body carries me through the world with the strength and dignity of the Great Mare and the playful, irrepressible spirit of Penguin.

I celebrate and give thanks for this perfect body of mine, that carries me so well through the world.

Now to bed, and on such a happy note.