From the Robin Wood Tarot

The lesson continues with this week’s cards.

Sturt Desert Rose is my constitutional remedy, according to Flower Essences class at Hippie Counselling School, and it addresses guilt.

My catchphrase for this week has been, I am innocent.

Some of us carry a great burden of guilt around with us, it’s a wonder we can lift our heads at all and that certainly can apply to me.

But every instance my mind has turned to this week as an example of my guilt, I realise the charges I have laid against myself may be overly harsh.

And I also realised that in most cases, to release myself from blame did not require that I shift it on to someone else. And even when someone undoubtedly set out to do me harm, Judgment does not belong to me.

The Chariot is the developed Ego moving successfully through the world – without all that unnecessary guilt dragging it down.

“I am now releasing all feelings of gult and regret about the past. I am now true to myself in all areas of my life.”