From the Robin Wood Tarot

How the view has changed, here at the end of a week illuminated by the beautiful Moon.

There’s been a lot of ancient angst to work through, triggered by a family reunion. Of course, it was always going to be hard as the sole representative of my heavily depleted branch of the Morrisons – where was my father and my beloved sister? In my heart I had only dust and ashes to bring and they weighed heavily.

And then I had an unexpected reunion with my aunt.  I hadn’t seen her since I was five years old, when she had been my favourite aunty. How I cried when she left, never to be seen again, until this week. There she was, a little old lady who greeted me politely like any other stranger and walked away while I stood there, five years old again, lost and confused and losing her all over again.

How devastating to feel that she meant so much more to me than I ever meant to her.

And then, late in the evening to sit with my Morrison cousins and explore the complexities of the father-daughter relationship. Our stories were remarkably similar. The Morrison brothers seem to have left all their many daughters with much the same issues to work through.

And I realised how silly it was to get caught up in all that crap at work. If I wanted a stressful job, I’d have applied for something more highly paid. There are more important things to think about and they are best explored by moonlight.

The Moon is about facing your fears. She reveals what the High Priestess conceals – the delicate ribbon of the road ahead.

Sundew, for grounding, reminds me to put a pebble in my pocket to keep me in sight of home and to trust that my feet are heading in the right direction.

No one on this earth is better equipped than I to take care of myself, that much I’ve learned.

And I know the road ahead is true. The view this week looks best by moonlight.