From the Robin Wood Tarot

Oh, how different it does all look by moonlight. Here again is the card of poverty and deprivation, but this time with a different message.This time I see the light of the church window behind the desperate pair on the card. Traditionally, a church door is always open and yet they seek no comfort there.

Last week The Moon signified a return to my inner journey and this week’s cards clearly indicate which way we’re headed.

It’s time to explore the poverty of spirit and lack at my very centre. It’s the reason that every minor setback and upheaval becomes a huge psychodrama and it’s the thing I need to come to terms with.

And what’s at the heart of it? Sturt Desert Pea, the essence for grief and deep-seated sadness, points me towards the direction I must take down the royal ribbon road.

It’s absurd that every minor setback or bump in the road still upsets me so and it’s time to look my fears in the eye and overcome them if I can.

The Moon awoke my courage. The 5 Pentacles shows me the issue and Sturt Desert Pea tells me how to tackle it.

I am not alone when it comes to resolving the sadness, pain and sense of loss which walk with me where’er I go. It will take time, it might take all my courage but I will trust to my Higher Self, my spirit guides and my powerful spiritual protection to help me set a pace that I can manage.

And at the end of all this exploring, what do I hope for? Why, to arrive at the beginning of course, and know myself for the first time.