From the Robin Wood Tarot

It’s been a week of procrastination, on all fronts – no writing, no inner journeying, no pressing urge to do anything in particular.Once I would have been giving myself a good stern lecture but this time I’m happy to accept that these periods of procrastination are important. On some level they are productive and necessary, for all they feel like idleness.

I think two things are going on. The first is a marshalling of resources, a timeout to replenish my strength.

The second is an inner checking of the map, making sure the next step is headed in the right direction.

I must respect that inner guide. This week’s cards remind me that, while undoubtedly worthwhile, this inner journey is a painful one.

Flames are flames, after all, no matter how cleansing and renewing.

Mint Bush, in the words of Ian White, “helps one to cope with the dross being burnt off before emerging at a new spiritual level.”

Am I ready? By the grace of the Lady, I will bear it. But I admit I am afraid.