From the Peanuts Tarot

Afraid, but not alone.

As if in direct answer to my fears, here is a Star to steer by and an essence whose positive outcome is inner peace and strength to cope.

Its negative condition is emotional upheaval, turmoil and rawness at the end of relationships.

It has been a week of mourning – a consequence of my lovely new MP3 player. What was supposed to be a nice companion for the commute turned into the catalyst for the beginning of my journey.

The sad songs can always be relied upon to get me crying and cry I did, a veritable river, baby.

By Friday I was flipping past the sad songs to the more upbeat stuff, but the question remains – how much mourning is too much?

How do we know where that line lies, between a healthy expression of grief and a slide into despair?

The answer is revealed by starlight.

I remembered this week’s cards every time I cried and, more than once, was comforted by a bright star in the sky as I walked home in the evening.

The Star is a card of wholeness and healing. It is connected numerologically to Strength and brings to that gentle power the added ray of Hope, the great gift of the Lady.

I am in mourning, I do grieve, but my compass is set. My direction is true.

I walk by moonlight, with a Star to guide me and a pebble in my pocket to keep me in sight of home.