I have become so used to the major cards of late this week’s reversed 4 Cups was something of a surprise.

In the end, it heralded some welcome relief from weeks of picking over old wounds and wallowing in all my grief.

So much loss and heartache in such a few short years.

I’ve been crying, for my faraway perfect guy, for my dead sister and father, grandmother, two uncles, for my old life back in England and the continuing pain of the marriage break-up for me and my daughters… no wonder it overwhelms me sometimes.

So it was nice to experience instead a highly congenial week. I’ve felt great – upbeat, confident, sociable and sharp.

Some new clothes have played a huge part in that – the pleasure of trews that actually fit and a choice to make in shoes before I step out of a morning!

But those are Pentacles considerations and this has been a week of Cups so while new things have lightened my mood, it’s my mood I must look at.

The 4 Cups is the depression or stagnation card and is best understood by the metaphor of water that is not flowing freely.

Reversed, the 4 Cups signifies a release of the emotional blockage and a renewed enthusiasm for the opportunities life presents.

Its partner this week, Bauhinia, brings an openness to change and new concepts.

Together, they chime so well with my mood – an enjoyment of life and a feeling of sociability which I confess has been missing for some time.

So it was truly special when one of the advisors, a lovely old bloke called Bill, invited me for a beer after work on Friday and complimented me on my sense of humour.

Why yes, I do remember laughter.