From the Robin Wood Tarot

After some rather unfocused weeks, rambling by moonlight through a vale of tears, this one felt like a return to business.

I swam, I did some writing, I did some inner work, and I had a good, if challenging, four days of Parliament.

In the context of this week’s cards, I will relate one incident which stood out.

The Minister was due to give a speech in the House and he and Carmen, a frenetic young advisor, were writing and rewriting it that morning while I typed up their revisions, moving paragraphs around and pasting figures in.

Once the Minister seemed happy with it, Carmen left the office on some errand and I was alone with the Great Man.

He sat at his big leather-topped desk and read the speech again, and then launched into the most amazing trantrum.

Suddenly the speech was all wrong, he was screaming and shouting that it wasn’t what he wanted and then, sputtering with rage and practically in tears, he flung the pages all over the floor.

So I fixed it. It was no big deal – getting words just the way they’re wanted is something I’ve spent a lifetime doing, even if it’s not how I’m earning my living just now.

It was a hark back to old times of rushing to get a tricky story written right on deadline and I was proud that I can still do it, and so easily.

But that wasn’t the 8 Pentacles aspect of the situation. It was being able to work effectively in such a stressful situation. It was being able to keep my cool and not let him fluster me.

I confess I was shaking a bit and I felt very uncomfortable but I don’t think he noticed. I finished the week feeling that I had once again managed to impress these people, for what that’s worth, and got over another hurdle by not getting overwhelmed in a stressful situation.

Tall Mulla Mulla is for people who avoid social interaction because of a fear of confrontation.

I, who once relished a good stand up, have feared confrontation too long. One more step successfully taken.