From the Robin Wood Tarot

The reversed Knight of Swords waves his weapon around pretty indiscriminately.He needs to step back a bit and use his judgment, slow down and determine just where and when to attack.

Jacaranda types are similarly unfocused, rushing from one project to another, never getting anything actually done and worrying that the choices made are not the right ones.

Am I like that? I certainly fear I am.

So it’s perhaps no great surprise that suddenly I’m writing a job application.

If the rumours I keep hearing are true, there’s no job for me in the Minister’s office after the end of the year. And he and some of his staff can be pretty unpleasant to work for.

No doubt I will agonise in due course over whether I’m making the ‘right’ move – I always do. At the moment, however, it satisfies an urge to keep moving, restores that sense of direction that evaporates after, ooh, about every six months.

I also must record that I am not journeying through this June unscathed.

As the anniversary of my sister Maryanne’s death approaches, I was congratulating myself on finally managing to travel lightly through this difficult month when it hit me full force on Monday.

It’s coming up to nine years since she died so I feel I had a right to expect it to be easier. Maybe next year.

I hope I’m over the worst, but am going easy on myself for what remains. What Mimi wants, Mimi gets in horrible June.