From the Robin Wood Tarot

The reversed Ace of Pentacles and its compantion Hibbertia presided over a bleakness of sprit that descended when horrible June was compounded by a visit from my horrible mother.I admit it. I sank without hesitation into an orgy of self-pity as I faced up close the dreadful fact that all my loved ones are gone from me and only my mother remains.

Did I say all? Kate is here, of course, and a finer companion in adversity I could not wish for.

But I cannot make Kate the support of my dark hours. That would be unfair, even cruel.

A cold wind blows through my empty halls this winter as I sit in discontent.

Hibbertia is for the integration of the intellect and the heart and came into comical play on Thursday night when I decided to take action on the whole loneliness thing and sign up to one of those singles websites.

This was after a week of urging from one of the advisors at the office who is obviously sick of seeing me mope about over the faraway Jason.

Well, Heart howled her usual protest while Head  muttered encouragingly about how any step forward was better than none. Consequently writing my profile was an exercise in muscle flexing by two warring factions so the result was rather dreadful (and probably intimidating to any hapless lonely guy who should stumble on it).

But, in the end, as Heart and Head lay exhausted on the field of battle, a wiser voice pronounced, “Come on baby, it’s time.”