From the Robin Wood Tarot

Of all the things the Lovers reversed might be referring to, I am able to say with confidence that my relationship with Jason is not among them.For the past week he has not dominated my thoughts at all. In fact, for the first time in a long time I have been celebrating a return to that inner peace and contentment which has eluded me for so long.

You’re never alone with a guitar. It’s more than an accompaniment, it’s the other half of the sweetest duet I could ever sing.

Instead, the message of this week’s cards were embodied in a dream I had, just on waking, yesterday morning.

It was strange, chaotic, as dreams are and so dull to the ears of others, I know, but bear with me.

I dreamed I met a woman who looked very much like me. I told her I had never really understood before what it meant to care about her happiness and asked her forgiveness.

I’ve lost hold of the gossamer thread that connected that scene with the next, but there I was with my late sister Maryanne’s husband and a woman – presumably his new girlfriend, who I’ve yet to meet – when the phone rang.

I picked it up and it was Maryanne, calling from somewhere far away.

She sounded so happy and said she was doing fine. I told her we were all doing fine too and that pleased her. She seemed thrilled to learn that David had met someone and was happy and that her little boy seemed to like her too.

The call ended on a lovely high note which is a change from the usual sorrow of a dream catch-up with her.

I blame the guitar. It has unlocked something profound, revealed a long-standing neglect of my own happiness that I wasn’t really aware of. How else to explain the extraordinary difficulty I continue to have in just enjoying learning a new skill for its own sake?

And now this dream, with its affirmation that to love ourselves and honour our own needs does not betray her memory.

The Lovers is not just a card for relationships with others, it also signifies the sacred union of our male and female aspects, if you like – heart and head, conscious and subconscious. instinct and intellect, say it how you will.

Tall Yellow Top is the homecoming essence, dealing with isolation and alienation, the result perhaps of an imbalance between our love for ourselves and our love for others.

Together, these two cards show me condition and cure.

And my beloved sister’s blessing crowns them.