From the Robin Wood Tarot

The strength to leave stuck situations – that’s what Red Grevilea is for. And the reversed 3 Wands signifies a stark situation.

Immediately I think of my job – my doing nothing, going nowhere job, but although it seems to be obvious, it is not a reluctance to leave that holds me back but the promise of a looming election.

My three month probation is over, but the chief of staff won’t confirm my appointment as the Minister’s personal assistant. He says it’s because there may be an election soon, in which case we may all be out of a job.

I suspect I’ll be out of a job regardless – my friends among the advisors seem convinced that I will never be confirmed. They tell me Mandy has been boasting about the big promotion she’ll be returning to after her maternity leave, which will put me where, exactly?

Who knows, but to be working in a political office during an election – well, that would be an interesting experience regardless so to leave now is not logical and I don’t think this week’s cards refer to that.

Something else happened this week. I met a man called Robert for coffee, yes through the dreaded internet dating site, and had a very nice time.

The last time I went on a date I behaved as if I was going to a funeral. This time, I felt pleased to be going, pleased to be there and now pleased to have done it.

Robert is not a man for me, but he is a nice man and I’m very glad to have resumed my search in such genial company.

And Jason? I spoke to him on Monday night and the subject of the UK and Christmas arose.

Before I knew what I was about I was crying as I told him I could not go, would not have some half-relationship with him to keep me from forming a full relationship with someone else.

I meant it when I said this inability for us to be together is the saddest thing I ever heard of – sadder than death, which can’t be helped – but there it is, and I cannot change it.

I can only dry my tears and move on.