From the Robin Wood Tarot

Uh oh! I’ve been waving my sword around and I might have hit someone who didn’t deserve it after all.

And why? Oh, pathetic cliché, I think PMS is the culprit.

I had to send my former mother-in-law the latest school photo of Kate and I hadn’t spoken to her since our last conversation, which had turned to money.

I made an assumption in that conversation – always a mistake – that John had been suggesting to her that I was trying to gouge him for cash.

The reality of course is that he’s never given me a bean and when I suggested he send his daughter a measly $50 a week now she’s in high school, he stopped sending her anything at all.

My letter to accompany the photo began as an attempt to clear the air, but will probably sound like a vicious attack on both her and her son.

And then, a day after I posted it, in a full huff of righteous indignation she phoned… and didn’t know what I was talking about.

Knights whose judgment is impaired (as the reversed Knight of Swords indicates) should really learn to keep their weapons sheathed.

Peach-Flowered Tea Tree is for, among other things, mood swings and pre-menstrual tension – especially good in combination with She Oak.

Am I pre-menstrual? Why, yes, yes I am. And feeling just a bit ashamed of myself.

I could have done some real damage and I must get this imbalance sorted out – or finally learn to recognise it earlier.

In this instance I feel no great harm will result, but I do not find myself covered in glory on this occasion.

Far from it.