From the Robin Wood Tarot

I realised something this week which I should have noticed before. The fact that it took me this long may be related to the energies of the reversed 4 Pentacles and sweet, unassuming little Philotheca.

I realised, with a great deal of surprise, that I am really comfortable financially these days. My salary doesn’t just cover the bills with a bit left over for the odd treat. There’s enough left over to throw $300 at tickets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers without having a meltdown.

And having realised that, I’ve noticed a significant shift in my attitude to my money. For one thing, I’ve discovered I’m pretty good at it.

I always thought John and I were bad with money but looking back, I think it was just him. How else to explain it?

When he left us he took two-thirds of the household income with him and yet that was also the day my finances stopped being a chaotic mess.

We’ve lived simply and carefully, but from that day to this, all bills have been paid on time and in full.

The skills I learned out of necessity in running a household are finally reaping rewards for me, not someone else.

I’m buying clothes and other goodies when I want them, without fear or guilt, and I’m making plans for the future, plans which are reasonable and have every expectation of fulfilment.

I’m good with money and I deserve the rewards that brings.

The reversed 4 Pentacles for the first and Philotheca for the second.

Philotheca helps us accept acknowledgment and praise – which can be hard to do for some of us. How often have you been complimented and responded with a “oh it was nothing  really,” or similar.

Well Philotheca helps us to open our hearts to praise and take pleasure in our achievements.

So, well done me! And what a lovely reward – the joy of a little bit of what I want, when I want it. Does it get better?

Given that I can do this well on a lowly clerical wage, why yes. Yes it does. Because once I earned a lot more money and had so much less.