From the Robin Wood Tarot

Choices and Decisions – that’s what this week’s cards say to me.

The Sixes of course are ruled by the Lovers and there is no greater choice than the one represented by that card.

Red Lily is the Lotus, the Buddhist symbol of Enlightenment and its key is that it helps with grounding and a full awareness of the present moment. Only in such a state can clear choices be made.

Pentacles of course are for the material realm and the keywords for the Six are giving and receiving.

The reversed aspect, which has been in play this week, suggest an imbalance – most likely in terms of the power dynamics between benefactor and recipient.

This was a full week, to say the least. I must save the biggest news for last because it’s very hard news, which I am not ready to deal with.

Instead I’ll start at the beginning, with a request from my ex-husband John to check out airfares for Kate to go back and visit him. But when I found him a really good deal he told me he couldn’t afford it at the moment.

I seriously considered paying for the ticket myself and letting him pay me back. And then I recognised the familiar pattern.

Took me long enough – I’m sitting here thinking of loans and belt tightenings to assist, and then realised how peculiar it was that he should ask me to check out airfares at all when he didn’t have the money.

John’s record on repayment – in cash or kind – put me very much in mind of the reversed 6 Pentacles. I’ve been here so many times before and seen my efforts to put a little away for that rainy day turn to nothing again and again.

I’m pleased to say I made a new decision to an old choice, with no regrets at all.

If John wants to see his daughter he must make a few hard choices of his own. I am no longer under any obligation to make things easier for him – nor shoud I ever have felt that I was.

That I did smacks of that power imbalance I referred to.

Instead I made the choice to buy a new fridge – yup, still enjoying my new-found prosperity and 24 month no interest terms. I will have it paid off in half that time.

So it felt like a week of good choices and clear decisions.

Then yesterday, out of the blue, came the smackdown.

My beautiful house, my haven, home of my heart, is being sold from under me.

I have no offer I can make to the owners. My new-found prosperity doesn’t stretch so far. All I can do is resolve to enjoy the time left here in Flower Street in my beautiful old ramshackle farmhouse.

I will love every moment to the full, for now I see my time here is very finite indeed.

And there’s a spiritual lesson to end on.