From the Robin Wood Tarot

It’s not always about me!

This week’s cards relate perfectly to Dan, one of the junior advisors in the office of the Minister for Circumlocution where I have a few weeks left before starting my new position.

The lesson for me – as yet unfigured – is how to deal with reversed Knights of Cups when they blight my path.

Dan is a Pisces, around 26-28 years old and a very personable, well intentioned young man.

What has struck me, again and again since we started sharing an office a few months ago, is that he has absolutely no conception of what a very lucky young man he is.

Instead, he frets and stresses over tiny things that the less fortunate wouldn’t have time to even notice.

This week he was thrown again into the Slough of Despond, after initially being very excited about his first property purchase – a very luxy apartment in a smart new city complex.

In a bid to cheer him up I went to lunch with him when he asked me to, clearly for the purposes of unburdening his troubles.

I couldn’t really afford to, as I’m trying to make sure I’ll have enough money for all the expenses I know full well will come with moving into the new place, as yet unfound.

He didn’t offer to pay for me, even though he’s a single man earning a lot more than I do, but that’s by the by. I thought a chance for him to unburden might make the afternoon more bearable for me.

Turns out the source of his depression was his mother’s refusal to hand over $4,000 towards his deposit. She thinks he should look for something more modest as his first property.

I have to say, as a single mum who can’t even imagine ever owning a property again, I found it difficult to sympathise. Nevertheless, I did my best, even keeping my expressions of sympathy for his mother’s point of view to a minimum.

I couldn’t help but realise that in contrast he had offered no similar words of comfort to me when not long ago I had faced the twin prospect of being thrown out of my job and my home.

The very next day I had a minor disappointment of my own. It seems my new job will not be as well paid as I had been led to expect. Instead, it will be the same as I am currently earning.

Dan had not a word of acknowledgement, let alone sympathy.

The reversed Knight of Cups is in thrall to his emotions and this card can certainly indicate an over-concern with your own feelings and state of mind.

When water becomes disturbed, clarity disappears. Moody equals muddy and the reversed Knight of Cups is in danger of sinking into the murky bog of depression.

What an ideal companion is Banksia Robur, also known as Swamp Banksia.

It addresses temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm due to disappointment or frustration. It picks you up out of the ‘bog’ (and I’m quoting Ian White here) and gets you back on solid ground and going again.

I have identified Dan’s problem but what of my response?

It is easy to dismiss him as a spoiled young man who will probably get a rude shock one day and think no more about him.

But that does nothing to dispel the negativity he is creating around me every working day.

And if I’m so smart, there must be something I can do.

At the very least I pray for guidance. If there’s something I can provide, let me do so. If not, let me at least wish him well in negotiating that muddy slope he strays too easily on to.

Let him not fall in.

I fear he would find himself soon out of his depth.