From the Robin Wood Tarot

This is one of those weeks when I’m unsure if I’m over-stretching the associations of this week’s Tarot, which was reversed.

But I’ll take the chance, inspired by its companion essence, for this week has been a glorious example of its positive expression.

Southern Cross is the ‘martyr’ essence. But it addresses that sense of victimisation and under-appreciation by opening us to our own power in shaping our circumstances.

It also awakens in us a sense of life’s abundance.

That’s exactly the sense I’ve taken throughout this week – my first in my new job. Reading about the positive expression of Southern Cross today was like reading a summary of my thoughts over the past week.

I cannot feel anything less than certain that my new role is a perfect combination of my skills and passions and strengths. I feel completely that I am doing exactly the right thing at exactly the right time and that everything preceding it has led inevitably here.

And I was even pondering – as I rearranged the contents of my new fridge – the nature of prosperity. I realised it was right there, in my fridge and its contents.

I don’t just have enough, I am prosperous. The food in my fridge is testament to that.

So what about my possibly over-stretched connection to the reversed 8 Cups? Upright, this is the card of turning away, of moving up and onward, of fulfilling a higher purpose.

Reversed, it can signify an unwillingness to move on or a reluctance to spend time alone.

Neither of those possibilities seems to fit but I have heard of a third interpretation which does.

That’s emotional exhaustion and it’s interesting that the other feature of my week has been the most extreme tiredness. I have fallen asleep in my chair well before 9pm several times.

Well, it’s a fair cop. I probably am emotionally exhausted and still waiting for the house to be sold from under me. Heck, I haven’t even started looking for a new place and I’m going to have to get cracking on that.

So ok, I am exhausted. Been here before. The difference this time? I have the luxury of taking a break on my beautiful veranda and recharging before I have to rejoin the fray.

Prosperity, indeed!