From the Robin Wood Tarot

Last week’s tiredness probably set me up for this week’s cold but it couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm. I’m still riding high on my good fortune.

But, but but, the reversed 9 Pentacles is a card of loneliness and it was in fact a perfect match for my mood of the moment.

I have everything I could wish for except… except… someone to share it with.

Not that I am overtaken by loneliness but there is always its doleful minor chord playing insistently under the merry main tune.

Bush Iris says ‘there there, all in its own time.’

It promotes an opening up of spirituality by fostering faith and helping us to step fearlessly in life, knowing we are not alone. It carries a reminder that all is just as it should be.

Both cards also say that we mustn’t neglect the spiritual in the midst of material comfort – a nudge that is very timely and which I do not ignore, even as I revel in the glory of my new fridge.

But the end of the week has brought a new challenge and both the reversed 9 Pentacles and Bush Iris suggest cause and solution, with no word on cost.

Jason has once again raised the prospect of a visit.

He is my undisputed perfect guy in every respect except his stated desire to be a single man. Next to that the mere 10,000 miles between us is a minor issue, trust me.

I know of course that another few weeks of happiness with him would not be an end to my loneliness.

I know the prospects would be high that at the end of it I would be left crying as bitterly and as long as the last time over the one thing I cannot have.

And then I cried every day for a year. It leaves a mark.

It will be interesting to see what I decide – see how my defence mechanism kicks straight in! I am so detached from the situation I don’t even know how I feel about it.

This shelter will not hold for long. Tune in next week for the continuing storrrrry of a gentle hippie girl making her way alone through the dark woods.