From the Peanuts Tarot

Of course I’ve been thinking about Jason’s suggested visit a lot, but the week has been dominated by a wretched cold and a nightmare on the buses, leaving me utterly drained and exhausted.

Only physically though.

I’ve enjoyed every day at work and really lovely evenings with Kate who is growing up so fast now.

I’ve also been looking very favourably on Jason’s proposed trip.

If I can relate this week’s cards to my situation at all, it’s by referring to my physical lack of vitality.

Mulla Mulla is a very specific essence, addressing a fear of fire but I will focus on its possible manifestation as a lack of energy.

The reversed Star can also signify a loss of energy but, as I have observed before, a Star reversed is still a Star with all its hope and bright promise.

I can’t help feeling that a couple of weeks with Jason would be just the injection of fun and laughter I sorely need to finish off a hard year, a much needed tonic for my weariness.

But the cost, the cost. If only I could measure it in advance.