From the Peanuts Tarot

It’s a really special feeling to draw a pair of cards and know instantly how they relate to each other and to me.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces calms and centres us in times of inner and outer turmoil. And who could be more calm and centred than the Hanged Man?

And why is he so calm? Because he has surrendered to the power of Fate. And why is he centred? Because he maintains his core strength as he allows the breeze of Fate to blow him where it will.

It has been a huge week.

I gave Jason my decision and booked us a dream holiday for January at an island resort.

I have also begun the serious business of house hunting.

Oh, and my period started. Grrrr.

But if at the start of the week I was feeling overwhelmed, come week’s end I am well and truly at ease and perfectly happy.

I know, with absolute certainty, that all I have to do is put one foot in front of the other along the path ahead and the right house will present itself, much as my beautiful dream house in Flower Street did.

The holiday is affordable and there is nothing to fear.

And, perhaps because this week I fought my first real fight in years and won – against the mobile phone company, for the record – I feel I’ve well and truly got my groove back.

I even put on some make-up, which felt strange. So I practised, until I learned how to wear it on my older face. I love its lines and creases. But most of all I love the light in my eyes, returned after too long gone.

I am come into my power by surrendering all attempts to control my situation by the useless act of worrying about it.

Blessed be.