I asked and I was given.

From the Robin Wood Tarot

When I saw the details of the modern two-bedroom house just 20 minutes away from the office on the internet, I wanted it. I asked for it before ever I saw it.

I hardly dared to believe in my chance of getting it and yet, at the same time, there was a calmness about it all that was a world away from the way I felt about last week’s house, which I applied for and was refused.

That difference is illustrated beautifully by the 6 Pentacles, the card of giving and receiving.

Above all, the upright 6 Pentacles refers to a balance between giver and receiver – so that there is no obligation or power imbalance between the two.

In other words, I asked and was able to leave it at that.

There was no need to fret or wheedle or try to bribe the hand of fate. There was no point in marshalling evidence as to why I should have it, why I deserved it, why it should be given to me and not another.

Somehow, no matter that I wanted it so desperately as an answer to all my present needs, it was enough just to ask and be prepared to accept the outcome, whatever it may be.

That is not to say it was an easy journey – just getting to the place was high drama, with missed buses, wrong trains, expensive taxi etc.

We got there nearly an hour late and had missed the agent, with no idea of how many people had got in ahead of me, but when I saw the place it was even more perfect than I’d imagined and I wanted it even more.

The next day, Sunday, I thought about the house, my request or prayer, and my strangely calm attitude in the interim.

In spite of wanting it so much I felt no anxiety at all at the prospect of disappointment. I had asked, and was content to leave the answer to fate.

Instead of a Sunday gnawed by uncertainties and worries, I enjoyed a relaxing, productive day of the kind I have loved so well in this ramshackle old farmhouse.

First thing Monday I put in my application and, just hours later, was accepted.

Mint Bush helps us cope with the trials and tribulations associated with spiritual growth.

As above, so below. Spiritual growth is not something which happens separately to our daily lives but is an enriched dimension of it.

And so, through the many physical trials and tribulations associated with the finding of this house, I found a spiritual lesson and hopefully the wisdom to deal sensibly with the further trials which I’m sure are yet to come.

The balance of the 6 Pentacles, the point where giver and receiver meet as equals, marks a spiritual calm at the centre that somehow gives me faith that all is well and my path is true.