From the Robin Wood Tarot

From the Robin Wood Tarot

Black Eyed SusanIt’s been two weeks since my last entry, two hard exhausting weeks.

The chronicle of disasters and difficulties is astonishing, from trouble getting hold of boxes for the move to realising (too late!) that the shiny new fridge wasn’t designed to make it up a dogleg staircase to the kitchen.

Somehow, every problem was resolved by me shelling out a hundred bucks – which blew my moving budget very quickly.

I asked, I was given, but I had to work for it. That is how my life runs and recognising the pattern meant I could cope with every obstacle in a way that I have not managed before.

The Emperor is the masculine principle in its father aspect. He represents authority, discipline, intellect and protection – the protection of law, ethics and principles.

But I drew him in his reversed aspect, indicating the essential structure of these things is broken down or weakened, giving the key to his presence during this stressful move.

More than anything, I realised, the battles of the past fortnight have been fought and won by myself alone.

My weak moments saw me longing for a male presence (complete with car) to help with the move. My strong moments saw me celebrate the wonderful sensation of being completely self-reliant.

In other words, I carry with me, as do we all, both Emperor and Empress and at last they learned to work together.

The reversed Emperor of my inner petty dictator learned to trust his lady when she called for some nurturing resting time, while she deferred to him in the nitty gritty details of the move.

Black Eyed Susan is the slowing down and noticing the roses essence which helped to keep both aspects of my psyche in very good health during an extremely stressful time.

But I write this on my first relaxing Sunday morning in our beautiful new home. We made it, we did it. We are home.