From the Robin Wood Tarot

From the Robin Wood Tarot

Kapok BushThe night is darkest before the Dawn, the last mile is the longest, etc etc.

Here are two perfect cards for the last stretch before the finish line.

The 5 Pentacles is the Poverty card – there is nothing left in the bank but hope and you can’t cash that.

It’s not just about money of course and, thankfully, there’s nothing poverty-stricken about my finances. It’s also about emotions, spirituality and, most significantly for the past week, health.

I’m exhausted. I’ve been tottering around in pain, blind, unable to think straight and yes, once or twice, I’ve hit the pit and felt that I simply could not go on.

But the 5 Pentacles is reversed, which promises a change of fortune, and Kapok Bush restores us when we’ve had the stuffing knocked out of us.

This feels more like more than the consequence of a difficult house move.

Five years ago, in December, I brought two children to the other side of the world with the promise of a better life for us all.

I was running on nothing but hope… and you can’t cash that.

It’s only now, with a secure job and all the trimmings that entails, that all the promises I made to those children are utterly fulfilled.

I am exhausted. And this last week has been a slog.

But here it is, the day before Christmas Eve, and my work is done.

All I have to do for the summer is relax, enjoy myself and share it with my dearest Jason, who will be here right after Christmas.

After that, after that…

There will be some exciting challenges ahead.

By then I will be fully rested and ready to meet them in my own inimitable hippie style!