Gymea Lily

From the Peanuts Tarot

From the Peanuts Tarot

Oh come on! Just when I thought there was nothing left to go wrong… I put my back out rather seriously a mere two days before Jason’s arrival.

The reversed Tower signifies upheaval and disruption to established routines and, while not as drastic as its upright aspect, nevertheless signifies a breaking down, in order to create something new.

Gymea Lily is the Morrison essence – the one I associate most with my family. It addresses arrogance and promotes a bit of healthy humility.

With a crappy back, a wonky eye and a myriad of other niggly, irritating disruptions to all my carefully laid plans for Jason’s visit, I’m feeling anything but arrogant.

My pride is taking a dreadful battering. I want to be at my best for Jason’s visit – after all, I haven’t seen him for two years and at the very least I want to bear a passing resemblance to the woman of his memory.

Of course it would be nice to run towards my beloved, eyes gleaming with happiness instead of Iritis, but in my sorry tragedy of a romance, it’s not to be.

I’m prepared to take a very simple lesson from this week’s cards: I am not in charge here. The only choice I have is how to respond.

And, doubled over with every step an agony and a crazy enlarged pupil and the tiredness, the bloody tiredness – I’m a picture of humility on the outside so I might as well cultivate a bit of humble acceptance on the inside.

In other words, I better start trusting that none of this matters and I have wasted a lot of energy worrying about things on the periphery.

It won’t change the Main Event, a blessed few weeks with the man of my dreams.

Bent I may be, but not broken. It will be a happy new year.