From the Robin Wood Tarot

From the Robin Wood Tarot

TFlannel Flowerhe 9 Wands is the card of the final challenge, of getting your breath back before going out for the last fight.

Last? Because you know you’ve not the strength to go further.

But its ruler is the Hermit and therefore there’s a real possibility that the looming last stand is an internal one. And maybe it’s about learning how to live beyond the battle.

After living in a state of combat readiness for any prolonged period, peace can be the biggest challenge of all.

And that’s what this lovely first week of my summer holiday with Jason has been about – adjusting to the peace.

With England-like weather (and that’s not a good thing) for most of it and a little difficulty on Kate’s part in coping with Jason’s presence, it took until Friday before I took that deep breath and felt like I was on holiday.

But if it’s taken a wee while to come to terms with the peace, Flannel Flower has been a playful and joyful remedy to see me through.

And one of its primary outcomes is an ease in the expression and enjoyment of intimacy. Very apt, given my present circumstances!