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Queen of Wands and Sydney Rose

Sydney RoseFor a few weeks now I have been a reversed Queen of Wands, struggling to recover that sense of balance I enjoyed for such a short time after Jason’s visit.

There are several reasons for the tip into the negative and all come under the heading of lack.

From the Robin Wood Tarot

From the Robin Wood Tarot

Not least among them, Kate is going back to England soon to visit her dad. And it will be the first time she’s travelled alone.

Intellectually, I know that both she and I will be fine. I can even acknowledge that we will probably both ultimately enjoy the break from each other’s company.

But it’s hard not to focus on the sense of loss and stack it up next to the ongoing lack of Jason, and then to notice more and more little of pebbles of want lying in my path and then to stack them one by one on top of these two big rocks of sadness.

The Sydney Rose essence has been described by Ian White as the crowning glory of the Bush Flowers. Its serene message is the realisation that there is no separation between us, that we are all one.

Intellectually, this Queen knows this to be true. But in my reversed state of imbalance I suffer the melancholy and sense of isolation that must inevitably precede the full realisation of that crowning glory.

I am only human, with a yearning human heart.

I pray for strength to accept these physical separations which are my lot and the wisdom to put them in perspective.


Queen of Cups and Sundew

From the Robin Wood Tarot

And here, to crown the lesson, is the Queen of Hearts, enthroned at the very edge of that seething sea with no fear of getting her feet wet.

She holds a chalice which, in my understanding, equates to compassion. She makes me think of Kwan Yin, who offers the healing milk of human kindness in Chinese tradition.

In other words, the Queen of Cups is someone who is completely in touch with her emotions. She sits serenely at the shore of her own emotional life without fear or apology and offers compassionate understanding.

While her feet are at the very water’s edge, she keeps them firmly on dry land. And that, I believe, is why she is partnered today with Sundew, the grounding essence.

When we give ourselves permission to live a rich emotional life, we must be careful of the temptation to escape into daydreams and fantasies. As we strive to achieve the harmony of the Queen of Cups, Sundew helps us to focus awareness on the realities of the here and now.

Queen of Wands and Wisteria

From the Robin Wood Tarot

Of course, because I’m a Sagittarius, this is ‘my’ queen. She’s also the queen who signifies my cousin Janis, an Aries, who phoned today for a long overdue chat and pep talk.

Janis always fires up my enthusiasm and makes me feel ready for life to step up a gear, even if today was a bit somnolent. Nothing more exciting than cleaning and grocery shopping, so a phone chat with my cousin was definitely the most Queen of Wands-ish thing that happened today.

Wisteria is the female sexuality essence and, goes without saying, the Queen of Wands is highly sexual.

If I’ve been thinking about my sex life lately I suppose it’s been to affirm that I really have no interest in ‘junk food’ sex. I’m holding out for the good nourishing stuff you get when souls connect too.

And a text message from Jason elicited an interesting response from me. He made some cute remark – cute and sexy – and I felt obliged to pull him up on it. I’m out of my attic and have no intention of returning.

So sorry, my love.

Queen of Swords and Turkey Bush

From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

How inspiring – a bold queen to say ‘yes I am and yes I can.’ And Turkey Bush for creativity – what a great combo for a girl who’s been hiding herself away all this time and is ready to get her mind moving again.

Nevertheless I stayed very close to home today, pulling weeds in the garden and enjoying warm sunshine and damp, sweet smelling earth. Not immediately obvious as Queen of Swords territory perhaps but one thing I can say about activities like weeding is they get the mind working.

Last time I devoted myself to regular weeding, I wrote a book. How I would love to do something like that again… However, this time it would have to be in the context of something extra, in addition to a full time job that actually provides a bit more than covering the bills (just). But my weeding session got me thinking about the best way to proceed.

Why not a bit of temping while I wait for these job applications to result in something? Why not stop cleaning and start typing, answering phones, whatever’s required – who knows where that might lead? My mind has been fragile since the marriage break-up, since moving the kids to the other side of the world, since all the upheaval of the past few years. And I’ve been careful. I’ve avoided putting myself to the test and tried not to worry about the future.

Today’s weeding and thinking have reminded me that if I get overwhelmed, there’s a very simple grounding exercise which is also very good for the garden. I’ll raise a cup of calming camomile tea to that.

Queen of Cups and Red Suva Frangipani

From the Robin Wood Tarot

While I wrestle with yet another difficult June, the Queen of Cups brings compassion and wisdom, while Red Suva Frangipani, the “bleeding heart” Frangipani, nurtures and gives strength through the grief of relationship upheaval and loss.

There seems nothing else to add, except that this is indeed a different June, in the sense that I seem to be coming to an acceptance of my losses – more of a willingness to let go of that dreadful, unanswerable question.

The question is, why?

Whether it’s howled or whispered, answer comes there none.

In the end, I’m left with a simple why not? It’s not really an answer, but it’s the best I’ve got to be getting on with.

Queen of Swords and Angelsword

From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

it seems a long time since I saw this forthright Queen and I was delighted to draw her this morning.

Never was I more in need of her clear-minded energy.

To find her paired with Angelsword, which promotes clear spiritual communication and discernment, was a bonus.

Today was an excellent one. Kate and I spent the day at home, pottering pleasantly. We nosed around a house that’s for sale up the road – just to be nosy – and then Kate sparked up the barbie.

I felt so relaxed and happy and aware of all my blessings. So the gift of the Queen of Swords today was that I could at last look at my life with a clear vision that has been denied to me for so long.

Queen of Swords and Red Grevillea

From the Robin Wood Tarot

If there’s a tonic for fear and uncertainty, then it must be this bold Queen.

Of all the Queens, this one strikes me as possibly the least afraid to walk alone.

I need this lady’s energy about me and feel it strongly when I say my current mantra: ‘I love you Jason (sigh, nothing new there) … and I’m learning to live without you.’

And it does help. I am learning to live without him, as I obviously must.

The Queen of Swords strikes out fearlessly into new situations, in spite of the pain she often carries.

She is the perfect positive expression of Red Grevillea which promotes independence and the strength to leave stuck situations.

Red Grevillea is for people who are over-reliant on others. It promotes boldness and independence and an indifference to the judgment of others – doesn’t that sound just like the fearless Queen of Swords?