From the Robin Wood Tarot

Another week in which I begin my journal entry with no idea of what I will write. So let’s see what develops –

The 4 Swords reversed signals that a time of withdrawal and inactivity is coming to an end.

And indeed I hope that proves true – a sure sign that it will, I suppose, as that must be in my own hands.

However, I can’t relate it particularly to the week just gone – I didn’t even manage to get to the pool for a swim, which I had been promising myself I would do.

Only one thing occurs to me to mention, and that was a chance meeting on the bus which took place on Friday.

It was on the way in to work and I got into conversation with a lovely young woman who admired my Winnie the Pooh backpack and my Lord of the Rings lunchbox. So there, Kate. How childish is it now?

I can relate Isopogon to this encounter because we exchanged email addresses and she emailed me when she got to work, seeking my assistance with a pop music quiz.

Trivial, yes, but Isopogon relates to retrieving past knowledge so its energy was definitely in play.

Yes, I am lonely. I have to admit it when a casual conversation on a bus is the highlight of my week.

I hope – I know – that I am more self sufficient than ever before but I would like to meet people like that nice young woman more often and enjoy a bit of trivia.

And, not to beat about the bush, if she were to bring along her smart, sexy, issue-free older brother, so much the better.

Oh well, a conversation on the bus is a toe in the water at least.

Bloody hell I need to get out more!