From the Robin Wood Tarot

Today was a ‘timeout’ day and boy, did I need it, after all the tough choices and worries of the past week. The 5 Swords is a card of self interest but like all the Swords is a challenging card.

Sometimes, it’s vital to act in your own self-interest regardless of what others may think or demand. But, and it’s a big but, can you do it with honesty and honour intact?

In formulating my response to Alison, the woman who wants me to care for her, the temptation has been ever-present to make up excuses and tell lies, but why?

The truth shames no one, and is no less than any of us deserves.

Bauhinia opens us to change and new concepts, and this position would be full of those. But today, with the 5 Swords, it’s telling me that my quandary lies not in the challenge itself, but in the level of commitment it requires.

I want to work with Alison, I know it would be challenging and difficult, but I also know it would be rewarding. I could be of practical assistance to an incredibly strong woman – and she’s absolutely formidable, she’s had to be – and the experience would fit in very well with my counseling qualification once I graduate.

But when that day came, and it isn’t that far away, would I be able to walk away? In fairness to both of us, I need to be honest now. I can’t make the commitment she needs and I must tell her honestly and fast, because she needs to find someone else.