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The Sun and Billy Goat Plum

From the Peanuts Tarot

From the Peanuts Tarot

Billy Goat PlumWhat a perfect pair of cards for the Official Engagement Tour.

The Sun for illumination, freedom and joy. Billy Goat Plum for shameless physical behaviour. Nuff said.

He’s here.

Before he left England he visited my daughters, Anne and Kate, asked for their blessing and showed them the engagement ring.

My only criteria were that it should be a ruby, not a diamond, and look as though it was crafted by Elves.

I don’t know what he was panicking about. It’s perfect.


The Sun and Yellow Cowslip Orchid

From the Robin Wood Tarot

There are three possibilities for the meaning of today’s Reversed Sun – it could be saying I’m arrogant, it could be promising eventual success for my endeavours, or it could be referring to today’s weather.

Or, to put it more simply, huh?

Turning swiftly to today’s essence, this was quite exciting as I’ve never drawn this one before and had to get out my textbooks for a detailed description.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid targets the pituitary and is said to be very effective for hormonal imbalances caused by years of being on the Pill – so how bizarre that I haven’t encountered it at all before now.

The negative indications include nit-picking, being judgmental and over-critical. Doesn’t sound like me at all.

And the positive outcome is an ability to stand back from the emotions and see the bigger picture, constructively and impartially.

Here’s a thought! My ability to do just that has been impaired ever since the ghastly marriage break-up which, combined with coming off the Pill, set off the dreary and never-ending hormone imbalance.

And I suppose if I were to manifest any of the negative characteristics of Yellow Cowslip Orchid and the negative arrogant yellow Sun reversed, I could regard them as the emotional symptoms of imbalance.

There is a fourth possibility in interpreting the Sun in its reversed aspect and that, like Yellow Cowslip Orchid, has to do with obscured vision, an inability to see the bigger picture.

Following the emotional intensity of this strange run of cards, I think today these two are a good reminder to make sure I’m not neglecting the physical component of all this good work.

Diet and exercise, let’s go!

The Sun and Black-Eyed Susan

From the Robin Wood Tarot

Soon, but not yet. Here I am, grieving again for that Jason… and why particularly this time? Because on Saturday night I was once again reminded that Simon is waiting patiently in the wings… but for how much longer?

He is such a good man and everyone – even Kate, who is hard to please in these matters – agrees we would make a good couple. And every time I see him I do like him more. And it breaks my heart.

Not for the first time, my head proposes and my heart howls in protest.

And this terrible state seems to have been heralded by the Sun Reversed – confusion, an inability to see the way forward and relationship difficulties.

Black-Eyed Susan promotes inner peace and patience, and I could undoubtedly use some of both.

I’ll follow Simon’s kind and selfless advice and give Jason until October. That’s a year to mourn – or a year for him to decide, if in fact he has anything to decide.

And then, perhaps, my heart will be more inclined to listen to the good sense of my head.

The Sun and Isopogon

From the Robin Wood Tarot

Now that I have the beautiful Bush Flower Essences cards, I thought I’d have one of those every day too.

So, straight off it proved worthwhile as both cards today complemented each other and encapsulated today’s learning.

I had drawn the Sun Reversed, and it was accompanied by Isopogon, which is about the ability to learn from past experience.

And in Relationship Issues at college, Brian lectured us on communication, reminding us how the expectations and learned patterns from the past can obscure our attempts to communicate in our relationships of the present. And isn’t that the situation of the Sun Reversed – the brilliance of our true selves obscured from ourselves and each other by assumptions and misunderstandings, most of them formed long ago in completely different relationships?

Isopogon would help to bring those patterns to awareness – into the light – and grant the freedom to choose new ways of communicating.