• Sexual pleasure and enjoyment
  • Acceptance of one’s physical body
  •  Shame
  • Sexual revulsion
  • Dislike, even disgust of part of one’s body

Sex is the trickiest thing we deal with as human beings – it’s the thing that reminds us we’re just like the animals after all and there aren’t many of us who can claim to have completely sorted out our attitudes to the whole business.

Help is at hand with Billy Goat Plum – the clue’s in the name as goats are well known as symbols of unrestrained animal passions. It’s for you if you just can’t loosen up with your partner because it all seems too disgusting. It’s also for you if you think you’re just too disgusting to ever get a partner to loosen up with.

Shame lives in the mind, not the body, and that’s where it needs to be addressed.

Tarot companion – The Devil