• Gentleness
  • Enjoyment of all physical expression and touch
  • Trust to express and reveal self
  • Sensuality
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Dislike of being touched
  • Difficulty verbalizing feelings
  • Uncomfortable with physical and emotional intimacy

The petals of this flower just beg to be touched and felt and its Essence is for
people who are uncomfortable with physical contact and touching. More than
that, it addresses the lack of trust, in oneself and in others, which can make
us uncomfortable with emotional intimacy.

It’s a great essence for men, who let’s face it, can find it difficult to express
their feelings.

Flannel Flower opens us up, male and female, to the gentleness, sensitivity and
flannel-softness of physical and emotional touching and sharing.

Tarot Companion – 2 Cups