• Removes effects of past and present distress
  • Psychic protection
  • Self approval
  • Self reliance
  • Inner strength

This essence is for severe shock, grief or distress, for example from abuse or assault.

It’s a beautiful flower and its fringe forms an aura around its petals, telling us clearly what it represents, a remedy for a damaged aura.

Just as we have a physical boundary between our bodies and the world around us, we also have emotional, intellectual and spiritual boundaries and they too need healing at such times.

These unseen boundaries form the aura, which shines with all the beauty of the rainbow. It stretches out around us marking what we call our personal space.

When our boundaries are healthy, we are judicious about the who, what, when, where and why of our openness to others and to experiences.

When our boundaries are breached by trauma, we are in danger of further damage until they can be repaired.

Fringed Violet releases shock from the body and that includes the effects of long-standing traumas, making it excellent for people who have suffered abuse.

Its companion is The Tower, a card from the Major Arcana to signify the seriousness of the issues tackled by this essence.

When our boundaries are damaged, we are vulnerable to further attack with the potential to absorb the negative ideas or energies of people around us.

We’re also vulnerable to negative coping mechanisms because we fail to recognise what to let in, and what to firmly keep out. With damaged boundaries, we can fail to recognise and respect the boundaries of others too which is why people who have been abused may in turn commit abuse.

To all who have suffered trauma, may you find Peace.

Sending you the powerful protective energies of Fringed Violet to enfold you while you seek healing.

Tarot companion – The Tower