• Telepathic communication
  • Ability to withhold information until timing is appropriate
  • Attunement
  • Nightmares and phobias from past life experiences
  • Intense negative reactions to the sight of blood

Green Spider Orchid can help to release nightmares, terrors and phobias. It’s for the nameless fears which set our hearts pounding in the night and the intense over-reaction some people suffer at the sight of spiders, needles, blood, or pigeons.

Disclosure: I quail at spiders, injections and eggs. Craaazy I know!

The point is, if you don’t suffer from an irrational fear of chartered accountants, for example, the reaction of someone who does can seem silly and trivial. But to the phobic and the hagridden, there is nothing trivial about it.

Green Spider Orchid addresses the underlying sensitivity to external stimuli which can set off an extreme nervous reaction.

It strengthens the intellect so that we can better evaluate a perceived threat, rather than be ruled by our instinctive ‘flight or fight’ reaction.

Its energy would be useful to people coping with anxiety disorders and stress-related conditions because at their heart these are often signs of an over-stimulated ‘flight or fight’ response.

It’s part of our hardwired survival instinct. Trouble is, these days we’re unlikely to get mauled by a bear or chased by a lion if we relax our guard but our response to modern stressors – like missing the bus or screwing up at work – can be just as intense.

In Mimi’s Hippie Philosophy, the survival instinct is directly related energetically to the body’s immune response. Both are responsible for protecting us from external threats and it’s the reason why auto-immune disorders are directly impacted by stress.

Further disclosure: I have a delightful companion who goes by the name of Ankylosying Spondyltis. We’ve been together since I was 17.

What’s often not appreciated is that ‘stress’ is neither positive nor negative. It’s merely a description of impact. To combat stress, the key is not to remove the stressor, but to strengthen the resilience of the responder.

Meditation, exercise, regular hours, a good diet, music, laughter – the things which strengthen us emotionally also benefit our immune systems, strengthening us physically. And it then seems logical that these very same things would strengthen us spiritually too.

That’s why the positive expression of this essence relates to the higher learnings, philosophies and deeper insights, attuning us to others and raising our awareness of the connectedness of all living things.

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