• Humility
  • Allowing others to express themselves and contribute
  • Awareness
  • Appreciation and taking notice of others
  • Arrogant
  • Attention seeking
  • Craving status and glamour
  • Dominating and overriding personality

Gymea Lily addresses excessive pride and arrogance. It’s the Morrison family essence. Why? Why not? It makes me think of my father and his brothers, and their mother my Grandma who shaped us all.

She lived in Gymea, but that’s not the only reason I claim it for the Morrisons. It’s because the Morrisons seem to encapsulate the very best and worst features of this complicated essence.

When I was young I heard my aunt, in a moment of frustrated rage, hurl an accusation at her husband.

“You’re an arrogant bastard,” she said. “All you Morrisons are.”

She was right. Uncle was delighted to be labelled arrogant and so was Dad, when I repeated the charge to him and asked him what the word meant.

Observation: If it pleases you to be described as arrogant, you are. No ‘probably’ about it.

The Gymea Lily is tall, really tall. Huge red flowers grow on top of a stem that can be up to four metres high, making them hard to see clearly from the ground.

Great talent, charisma and drive can put you far above the rest of the crowd and one of the pitfalls of being up there can be a certain lack of humility.

There’s nothing wrong with being aware of your abilities, in fact it’s essential.

But there is a huge bear trap in the middle of that path, and sadly you don’t have to look too far in our celebrity-obsessed culture to find examples of its victims.

This essence seeks to temper excessive pride with a little humility – to remind us that no matter how high we rise, we soon fade without the stem connecting us to the rest of humanity.

At their worst, the Morrison brothers were indeed arrogant bastards. But at their best they were generous men who delighted in the good fortune of others and helped many people with no thought of acknowledgement or reward.

It’s great to fly high on your talents, but Gymea Lily helps to bring us back down to earth. It reminds us that even the greatest talent requires a good deal of hard work to fulfil its potential.

Gymea Lily also gives strength to people who hide their talents for fear of setting themselves apart, helping them to accept their gifts and develop them to their full potential.

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