• Acceptance of self and own innate knowledge
  • Integration of knowledge and philosophies
  • Rigid personality
  • Fanaticism about self improvement
  • Excessive self discipline

This is the ‘lighten up’ essence, for people who are strict and regimented or even fanatical with themselves.

It’s also for people who use their knowledge to gain the upper hand.

Self-improvement’s the name of the Hibbertia game – and what could be wrong with trying to make ourselves better people?

Well, nothing, unless our goal is to prove our superiority to others.

Hibbertia identifies and addresses the lack of confidence which can underpin our efforts to have the perfect body, be the top of the class or earn the most money.

Attaining our goals will bring us no joy if we haven’t learned to accept and be kinder to ourselves in the process.

Hibbertia helps us to accept ourselves and our own innate knowledge and experiences, without wanting to be superior to others.

Tarot companion – The Hermit