• Able to learn from past experiences
  • Remembering the past
  • Retrieval of forgotten skills
  • Unable to learn from past experiences
  • Stubborn and controlling personality

Like Tall Yellow Top, Isopogon connects the heart and the head. It’s an essence for people who rely on their intellect at the expense of ‘heart wisdom’ and who can be stubbon and controlling as a result.

One reason for cutting ourselves off from our emotions can be the memory of past hurts. Instead of processing that pain, growing from it and moving on we attempt to avoid experiencing that pain again.

Isopogon helps us to learn from those past experiences and break the negative patterns of behaviour which can arise when old coping strategies continue to be used in new situations.

It’s also a good essence for picking up old skills that you think you’ve forgotten.

The colour yellow represents wisdom and Isopogon’s qualities can be understood by the small spiral arrangement of its yellow flowers which fade to leave a small, round nut which remains on the plant for many years.

The past doesn’t need to be relived endlessly but it does need to be understood as an essential part of what we are becoming.

Tarot companion – The Moon