From the Robin Wood Tarot

Because if we don’t, the choice will be made for us. At every step of his Journey, The Fool has been adding, brick by metaphorical brick, to the Tower that represents his Ego and the structures of his world. The Tower can stand for established beliefs, a marriage, job or anything that we rely on for our sense of identity. Like the Fool, we have built our Towers on sand, papering over any cracks with creative defence mechanisms, the best known of which is denial. And the stronger and stouter the Tower, the greater the blow of its shattering. The Tower is associated with Mars and represents war and upheaval. But it is also about Truth and the Fool is now forced to confront it. It is painful and as the Fool surveys the wreckage of what he thought was impregnable, it seems impossible that anything can be built anew.





Associated Flower Essences –

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces

Fringed Violet