The Aces 

The Aces are ruled by the Magician and signify the creative spark. They are the embodiment of the Male principle, or Yang. All things are possible with the Aces, but what direction will this irrepressible surge of energy take?

The Twos

The Twos are ruled by the High Priestess and signify the female Mystery of conception. They are the embodiment of the Female principle, or Yin. The Twos take the undirected energy of the Aces and transform it into new life, as the Earth transforms the energy of the Sun.

The Threes

The Threes are ruled by the Empress and signify Creation, the successful joining of the Yin and Yang. Here we see the first fruits of our labours or get a taste of what lies ahead in the direction we have chosen.

The Fours

The Fours are ruled by the Emperor and signify Stability and Restriction. In their positive aspect they refer to solid foundations and strong roots. Or a fear of change and the unknown.

The Fives

The Fives are ruled by the Hierophant and signify Learning and the Institutions in our lives. They are about finding our place in the outer world, a process of instability and change. The Fives offer counsel on how to learn from these challenges.

The Sixes

The Sixes are ruled by the Lovers and signify Balance and Harmony, a resolution of the conflicts of the Fives. They also signify Choice. We are at a crossroads. We may rest here awhile but in what direction will our heart’s path take us next?

The Sevens

The Sevens are ruled by the Chariot and signify Control. As we set out from the Crossroads of the Sixes we are in unfamiliar territory. This is the adolescent phase of our journey, in which everything is new and we have not yet learned our limits. It’s exciting, and it’s also dangerous. Take care.

The Eights

The Eights are ruled by Strength (in some decks they are ruled by Justice but I will go with Rider-Waite) and signify Courage and Transformation. Having mastered the challenges of the Sevens, we now move forward with new confidence in our chosen direction.  But the Eights warn of the dangers of stagnation. The journey is not over yet.

The Nines

The Nines are ruled by the Hermit and signify Wisdom and Understanding. It is time to turn our energy inward and reflect on the lessons learned so far. Something is finished and here we may find a calm acceptance of our reality.

The Tens

The Tens are ruled by the Wheel of Fortune and signify the Flowering of the pure, elemental spark of the Aces. They are the ultimate good or bad of their Suit and, of course, carry within them the seed of the next part of our Journey.

The Pages

The Pages, or Princesses, signify youthful energy and enthusiasm or young people, according to their Suit. They bring messages, small gifts and little surprises. Their Element is Earth.

The Knights

The Knights, or Princes, signify the movement and change of adolescence and can represent teenagers or young adults, according to their Suit. They carry the fierceness of their convictions and stand for travel or visionary quests. Their Element is Wind, or Air.

The Queens

The Queens signify the wisdom and moderation of adulthood or women, according to their Suit. They embody the Feminine Principle of their Suits and bring development and growth. Their Element is Water.

The Kings

The Kings signify the power and moderation of adulthood or men, according to their Suit. They embody the Male Principle of their Suits and bring motivation and leadership. Their Element is Fire.