The Aces are ruled by the Magician and signify the creative spark. They are the embodiment of the Male principle, or Yang. All things are possible with the Aces, but what direction will this irrepressible surge of energy take?

From the Robin Wood Tarot

The Aces stand for Power, Energy and New Beginnings.

They embody the characteristics of their suits and are linked to the Magician, who represents control of the elements.

I like to picture him dazzling his audience by appearing to balance the Regalia in the air before him.

Suddenly he loses concentration. Perhaps he remembers that, after all, he is just a man and for a moment he stops believing that he can do this marvellous thing.

The sacred objects clatter to the ground and the crowd jeers.

Confidence regained, the Magician uses his Power to regain control of each one and reveal its secrets. The crowd falls silent in awe.

That is the image I hold as I contemplate the Magician and the Aces and the flow between their positive and reversed aspects.

In the Astrology tradition, the Aces are also associated with the four Cardinal signs which can all be regarded as the first in their elemental groupings. They each stand for initiative and beginnings, and it can be helpful to consider the different ways that energy would be expressed in each suit.

It’s interesting to note that the celestial beings associated with each Astrological sign can provide further insight to the characteristics of the Aces.

Using the same principles, each suit is associated with a season, so if you’re still having trouble why not consider the characteristics of that season in relation to its Ace?

Ace of Swords

Ace of Wands

Ace of Cups

Ace of Pentacles