“In the beginning was the Word”

From the Robin Wood Tarot

Season Spring

Element Air

Direction East

Sign Libra (Venus, Seventh House: Partnerships)

Tarot Justice, the 11th card in the Major Arcana

Numerology 11


* Initiative * Self-Assurance * Legalities * Contracts * Negotiations * Questioning * Logic * Truth * Optimism *

What came first, ideas or the words to express them?

Without words, how could we conceive of something beyond our direct, present experience? Or, if we could conceive of it, how could we give it shape and form?

The Ace of Swords signifies words at their most potent, when they are used to speak Truth.

The Ace of Swords can be a spring breeze, sweeping through the psyche and cutting through the ties to old, outmoded ways of thinking. It’s time to test its edge on the new.

Reversed, and Truth can be hard to discern. It may signify conflicting advice and possibly dishonesty. Beware! Still the mind and explore the situation carefully before proceeding.